Request for Inspiration

3 Sep

Today I suffered from crippling boredom.

Honestly, it was kind of enjoyable. I can’t remember the last time I was properly bored. Here’s how my last few months have been: I would stress out because I wasn’t getting any freelance writing done. My stress would impact the amount of work I would actually get done (not much). The amount of work I should be doing would be a constant companion at the back of my mind, all day, every day. And every night, leading to very little sleep. Little sleep led to late mornings. Late mornings stress me out–because that’s time I should have been doing work. The stress would impact the amount of work… well, you get the idea.

When I’m stressed out, I can’t be bored. So–yay for no stress.

You see, I started September with a goal. A plan. Granted, I entered July and August with Goals and Plans too, and they kind of fell apart. But this month, I’m going to stick to it. I’m going to have a schedule. I’m now writing 20 articles per month–not impossible, right? I’m going to write two articles on Monday and Wednesday and one on Friday–that means I have Tuesdays off for now (same day the husband has off; will hopefully be starting something else on this day next month) and weekends off, while Thursdays I’m still at my nanny job.

It’s DOable!

The thing is, instead of thinking “I should get an article done” on those Tuesdays and weekends, I now have scheduled free time that… well, I’m struggling to fill.

I HAVE managed to finish a few books the last couple of days, but I just started one I haven’t been able to get into quite so much, so it wasn’t pulling me in today. Instead, I was browsing more books and thinking about the ones I’ve read, which led to a spark of inspiration for fun-writing.

Fun-writing hasn’t happened much since April, as you can probably tell from the lack of Novel Mondays around here. My April NaNo story has sort of fallen by the wayside and I’d like something new for November anyway. And I was thinking, why not branch out a bit?

I’ve been reading tons of YA historical fiction and YA historical fantasy, which I’ve always loved. I’ve just never tried writing it. I don’t know why. I double-majored in history, for crying out loud, and still have access to tons of primary documents via my university, making research a somewhat easier task.

So this is what I need help with:

What’s a historical time period you’d like to know more about, but haven’t read much about? Similarly, what groups of people seem to have taken a back-seat in your history classes? (For instance: I’ve been reading a series of books about the Quakers, who I never learned much about in school. Fascinating stuff). 

I’m interested in so many different time periods it’s difficult to narrow it down. Plus, I’d like to do something a bit different. Something that hasn’t been done much. My first thoughts were:

1. Elizabethan England. WAY overdone.

2. The Pirate Golden Age. Way, WAY overdone.

3. Colonial America/Frontier America–done properly I think I could carve out a space for myself here (for instance, where I’m from–Northern Michigan–during the early days?), but I’m not sure if I could sustain my own interest, having done quite a bit of this in school.

4. Australia with Bushrangers. I did my history thesis on bushrangers. One of my worries with this is, not being Australian myself (yet!), I kind of feel like I don’t have a “right” to it if you know what I mean.

Anyway. Those were the topics that came to mind that I’d be somewhat interested in (though I don’t think I’ll touch the first two). But I really want to hear about your favorite places and time periods, particularly the somewhat obscure but super interesting ones that you just don’t hear a lot about. What would YOU want to read about in a historical fiction/historical fantasy book? Leave your answers in the comments below! I’d love to start researching now so that I can be well prepared for NaNo in November.


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