NaNoWriMo 2013: Day Three

3 Nov


Today I realized I was putting too much emphasis on the words I’m writing being good and not enough emphasis on getting the words out. I think it was because this time around I’m focusing more on the end product and not treating NaNo as some 50,000 word writing exercise.

To combat this, I chose a scene more toward the middle of the story to write to give myself more momentum. I’m also struggling with the beginning because it feels like there’s so much information I need to convey and not a lot of time to convey it. I decided to reveal the main character’s back story much more slowly than I was going to initially. I’m not sure if the slow revelation is going to fly with readers or not–if I were submitting this to a creative writing class, I could see comments like “I’m confused” and “why is she there?” etc. But I’ve seen this sort of thing done right (in Jennifer Nielsen’ A False Prince, for example) so hopefully I can pull it off!

Oh! The other struggle I’ve been having is switching between first and third person. Ugh! I’m used to writing in first because I wrote my thesis in first, and I keep going back to it to do little edits every now and then. I’ve also been reading quite a few books written in first. I wanted this one to be in third, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Ah, well. But–that’s the explanation for Day One’s excerpt being in third and today’s being in first!

I started to catch up word count-wise after not writing yesterday, as you’ll see.

1. How many words did you write today?  2064
2. How long did it take you to write them? Many hours, with many breaks for a nap and to watch Dracula.
3. How many times did you use Write or Die? None.
4. What is the most interesting thing you researched for the sake of plot today? Men’s clothing styles in the 1770s. Also, different types of noses. (Because when people say “hawk nose” or “bulbous nose” what do they really mean? I found out!)
5. What didn’t you research today that you probably should have? The process Inns used to book rooms. Where did they keep their money? How much would a room cost? What kind of money were they using back then anyway?
6. What unexpected turn did your novel take today? Jumping ahead a bit, so now I have no idea how I’m going to introduce some information but… well, it’s NaNo!
7. Best/Funniest novel moment today? Being able to meet Mr. Ashley, the Academy representative. He’s lots of fun!
8. Total NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 4211
9. Words Remaining: 45,789
10. Days Left: 27
11. Today’s Excerpt:

It would have been one thing to poison his meal. I had the resources needed at hand. I could even make it look like an accident, and not the deliberate fault of whoever made the dinner that night. I had killed a man that way before. I had killed another with a knife through his heart, though that had been another situation entirely.

But what I hadn’t counted on—what the colonials undoubtedly hadn’t counted on—was Lord Ashley sending his young relative to root out the Millerstown Witch wherever she might be. Dead representatives meant a slow start to the war; a dead Mr. Ashley would speed that process along, and I wasn’t sure that the colonials were ready for such a thing. That said, a kidnapped Mr. Ashley might provide enough negotiating power to relieve us of a war and win the fight to find a cure for this illness that was sweeping through our towns. We wouldn’t have that opportunity if he was dead.

 Which meant I could not kill him immediately and slip away as planned. It was Mary who delivered his meal, untouched by me, while I offered to fetch water. After, I snuck into the stables with a short, prepared message of my own:

Ashley. Truthteller. Change?

The colonials would either order me to kill him or keep him. Either way, I would need to survive at least another day with a truthteller in my midst without betraying my true identity or allowing him to catch me lying. One lie led to another, after all, and if he was here to catch the Millerstown Witch he might very well think it was me he was looking for. And once he looked a bit more deeply, well—I’m not sure I would make it out of Millerstown alive.


I’d love to hear about your NaNoWriMo journey? Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below, or use this survey for your own blog and send me a link! I love following fellow Wrimos.


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