I have a case officer!

14 Dec

Hey everyone! So many updates, so little time, huh? Things are MOVING with my visa and it is awesome!

The most exciting thing is that I really do have a case officer now! This is a huge step in the visa process as it means that my application has been picked up and is being looked at by a person who will be able to decide whether or not I get to stay in this wonderful country. A little while ago I posted about getting the request for more information from the admin team. I’m pretty sure this request technically came from my case officer. I had an additional e-mail from the admin team, and then my third e-mail from Immigration was from my case officer. Cool stuff.

The request came exactly eight months after my visa application was submitted, and one day after our first anniversary. Nice, huh? I was given a 28-day time frame to get the required documents in (AFP clearance, FBI clearance, and health check).

Anyway, my health check is IN, my AFP clearance is IN, and we are now just waiting on the FBI clearance. GOOD NEWS on that front: my fingerprints were readable!! If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably remember all of my drama with getting this FBI clearance. To recap, I’ve had to submit multiple applications and, with the long, drawn-out processing times, it’s basically been eight months since my first application. Money left my account for the final application on November 15–nearly a month ago–and I’ve been stressing about it being lost in the mail or receiving YET ANOTHER request for more fingerprints rather than an actual clearance.

(Pro tips: if you have to apply for an FBI clearance for your visa, a) get multiple copies of your fingerprints done! I’d recommend AT LEAST three, and five wouldn’t go amiss! b) send via registered post so you can track it and c) don’t be afraid to call in to request updates–it will set your mind at ease!)

A few days ago I called the FBI to check on the application. I was a bit worried about being put on hold for a long time and running out of credit on my phone, but this was a fast, painless call. I gave my name and the address that the check was being sent to. The lady on the phone was able to tell me that a) my fingerprints WERE readable, b) they sent the clearance out on November 25, and c) if the clearance does not reach me by December 23 (28 days after it was sent out), it is considered lost and I should call back and request a new one, which they will send out.

I AM a bit nervous that it has been lost in the mail still, but I’m glad she told me what I could do if it is. Sounds like a relatively painless process. I was afraid I was going to have to submit a whole new round of fingerprints, but it sounds like that isn’t the case!

My case officer seems very nice, very understanding of the whole FBI clearance process (I swear it is NOT this bad in other countries! The AFP clearance arrived in a week!), and very communicative. There have only been a few e-mails bouncing back and forth, but I’m a fan. 🙂

This will likely be my last update before my police check gets here. I hope, hope, hope it’s here on Monday. That would be three weeks from the time they sent it out–a pretty long time for things to get here from the US, particularly just a letter. Oh well. I’m going to just keep breathing and stop stressing and wonder if it’s possibly possible for me to have my 820 visa granted before the new year…


4 Responses to “I have a case officer!”

  1. smoocherooch October 19, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    Thank you for your blog! After 3 months of waiting I am finally granted a case officer! Its like light form heaven. The funny thing is I was granted CO when I am in Australia for 2 months visiting my husband. I am pending my medical result and 1 more police clearance. Hopefully, my journey will be as lucky as yours 🙂

    • inkhearted October 19, 2014 at 9:05 am #

      Yay, congratulations!! I hope everything goes smoothly from here. 🙂


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