Worldbuilding Day 7: Recent History

9 Jan

Now here is a lengthy, in-depth exercise for you! Which is why this is late–I took a couple of days to do this (okay, I started kind of late on the first day and got too tired to continue!) Today is all about recent history. The last one hundred years of history, in fact. This is one of those things that I’ve always held in the back of my mind, knowing I should flesh it out, knowing I should know dates and the names of great kings and bad ones, and never actually taking the time to sit down and do it. So this is a work in progress, and I’m likely going to come back to it again and again as I try to flesh it out more and more. One of the things I know I need to work on is figuring out why magic isn’t allowed in Bellador. I mean, I know why it isn’t allowed now, but my thought is there couldn’t be much magic in the first place, because if there was and the king was suddenly like “no more magic!” there would be a coup, and I think we know who would win.

In putting this together, it can be REALLY overwhelming if you look at it as a whole. What I found helpful was to break it down into generations. In my case, this was easy–I traced a line of kings back 100 years, and put in their birth and death dates. That way, you can break things down into more manageable chunks: what happened during this person’s lifetime? And the next one? This helps you to decide other worldbuilding factors, like how old people are when they have children and what lifespans are like. Does this change through time?

In the following, 0 is Novel, which means 1 is one year ago, 2 is two years ago, and so on. I’m going to put in major events rather than fill in every little detail, so that’s the reason for the gaps in the numbers. Remember, I’m detailing the history of the two main countries involved in my novel.

And, okay, this could probably be a LOT more detailed… but it’s a start, and thinking about this gave me SO many plotbunnies!


1: Lance arrives to assume his position as Wizard’s Apprentice.

11: Saxen is forced out of Bellador.

13: Ana dies. Roderick enforces a strict no-magic policy.

15: Aralyn (MC) is born, becoming heir to the throne.

19: King BLANK dies (possible assassination). Roderick becomes king.

22: Elgin, Roderick’s brother, is assassinated. Political focus shifts to internal conflict.

23: Caderine (Elgin’s daughter) is born.

24: Roderick is sent to Kedron to negotiate a treaty.

42: Roderick (current king) is born.

44: King BLANK SENIOR dies. King BLANK takes the throne. All ties with Kedron cut off. Bellans boast ability to accomplish things without magic; magic used minimally.

45: At war with Kedron again.

47: Elgin (heir at birth) is born.

50: King BLANK SENIOR takes the throne.

59: Tentative peace with Kedron reached.

62: Bellador at war with Kedron. No help from Domanar.

64: Bellans experience Kedroni raids along the river.

73: King BLANK is born.

96: King BLANK SENIOR is born.

95: Economy begins to recover as metal and stones are uncovered from the mountains and Bellador takes control over their own trade. Begin defining themselves as a metalworking nation. Have the resources to rebuild not only their cities, but those in Kedron as well.

93: Bellador breaks free of Kedroni Empire. First Mehnota, a war general, takes the throne.

100: Bellador at war against Kedron.


17: Lance is born.

18: Raya is born.

23: Gareth, the heir, is born.

24: Invites Bellans to Kedron. First contact with the Sarians.

25: Farram’s father and brothers killed; Farram pretends he will be a puppet to escape death, unleashes mind-magic and takes full control of the throne. Vows to reopen the borders, be good to his people, live frugally, etc.

44: Bellador wins war, but refuses peace. Borders cut off to all Kedronies, which means they have no access to resources outside of their country. Any Kedronies found in Bellador are killed on sight.

45: King Farram is born, fourth in line to the throne. At war with Bellador.

62: At war with Bellador.

64: Desperate for food, Kedronies on the Black River steal over to Bellador to raid villages in small bands.

78: King GRANDPA is born. Kedron sees huge growth in poverty, famine, people going uneducated.

93: New countries of Kedron, Bellador, and Domanar established. Treaties signed. New king on the throne who continues to act as emperor, spending excessively despite significant cut in resources.

100: The emperor dies without an heir. Focus moves internally as various next-in-lines fight amongst each other. Bellan, Doman forces move in.

101: “Kedron” consists of Kedron, Bellador, Domanar, and parts of Noraja and Hajar. It was a great empirical power known for controlling people with the emperor’s mind-magic.


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