What I Read in Europe + Kobo Review

17 Oct

Hey everyone! So, that’s a wrap on all of the “what we did in Europe” reviews. I still have a few posts I want to type up–including backpack reviews, budget, and itinerary–but I thought we’d go back to more or less your regularly scheduled programming with some book reviews.

I read three books in the three weeks we were in Europe but didn’t have the time to write up reviews (or great internet to post them!) so I’m doing this from memory. As such, I’m combining the three into one post. They’re going to be a bit shorter than usual because I don’t want to get details wrong if I can’t remember correctly.

Worth noting is that I read all of these on Kobo. I had a Kindle before this, but aside from some moral issues I have with purchasing from Amazon, the screen developed major issues at random one day when it was just out of warranty (the same thing happened to my husband’s Kindle just a few days into our trip, so those things are NOT recommended!). I purchased a Kobo shortly before we left because I’d heard good things.

Kobo Review

My Kobo is just the regular, no-frills, no-Glo Kobo which is very similar to the regular, no-frills, no-Fire, no-keyboard Kindle. They’re about the same size–screen size is about 6 inches–and lightweight. The major difference is that the Kobo doesn’t have buttons to turn pages; it’s a touch screen. The touch screen is one of my biggest issues because it’s not always responsive. Sometimes I have to tap the screen five times before it will turn a page; other times, one tap will do, but it will turn two pages instead of one. As you can probably imagine, it’s pretty frustrating but didn’t turn me off the Kobo completely as it the issues seem to come and go.

Some cool Kobo features are the reading tracker, which tells you how many books you’ve read on your Kobo, how many more you have yet to read, and how long it’s taken you to read them.

Kobo has tons of books available and lots of freebie deals as well. Their website and apps are easy to use and navigate. Plus, Kobo has teamed up with Indiebound. Check out your local bookstore and see if they have Kobo on their websites–sometimes you can support your local bookstore by purchasing Kobo books through their online store. They get a percentage of the purchase, and you get that book you wanted–even if it’s on an e-reader!

All in all, I am much more comfortable with the Kobo than I ever was with the Kindle. I do wish it had buttons since I find the touch screen to be finnicky, but so far that’s my only complaint.

Book #1: The Kiss of Deception (Remnant Chronicles #1) by Mary E. Pearson

Kiss of DeceptionPrincess Lia is expected to marry someone she’s never met for the sake of uniting her country with his, but she’s always been headstrong. On her wedding day, she runs away with her lady’s maid and sets up a new life at a small town inn. But there are people who are after her–one to kill her and the other to… well, he’s not quite sure. One thing’s certain: Lia can’t escape her past, and her newfound happiness is sure to be short-lived.

I was skeptical about this book because of the title, but I found it was a fast-paced page-turner! I did get a bit confused because it’s told in three different perspectives, all of which are in first-person. Each chapter was named for the person whose perspective it was, but it was still a bit confusing at times. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that for the thing that happens that you’re guessing the whole way through, well, I got it wrong. And that doesn’t happen often, which means this book is a good one!

Well-written, the characters are fun and interesting, the places embroiled in political turmoil–and there’s a hint of magic that is sure to be expanded upon in the next book. I’m excited to read the sequel!

Book #2: The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry

Amaranth EnchantmentI have been meaning to read this book forever! It didn’t disappoint, but I will say that it is definitely for younger readers. This is a typical “fairytale” style book. Lucinda Chapdelaine’s parents died when she was young and she has been kept in her evil aunt’s servitude ever since. But when a witch and a prince appear in her aunt’s jewelry shop in one day, it sets into motion a series of events that will change Lucinda’s life forever.

This book was short and sweet. I got through it in just a few hours, but it was fun and light-hearted and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a few unexpected twists and turns, the characters weren’t particularly deep but they were well-written and I thoroughly cared about each of them by the end and was rooting for them. The setting was your typical sort of “castle and village” which didn’t go too much into politics and what have you–like I said, this is for younger readers. I found it enjoyable for what it was, but if you’re looking for something a bit more serious you might want to turn elsewhere.

Book #3: The Mind’s Eye by K.C. Finn

The Mind's EyeI picked this book up in the Kobo freebies section and, to be honest, didn’t have high hopes. But I found that I really enjoyed this book and I plan to read the sequel soon.

The Mind’s Eye follows Kit Cavendish, a fifteen year old girl who suffers from childhood arthritis which leaves her stuck in a wheelchair. She is sent away from London during World War II to a town where a doctor might be able to help her overcome the disease. But Kit hates her doctor and the exercises he assigns her–she’d far rather exercise her mind. Kit can enter the minds of other people and see through their eyes and feel what they feel. But with a war going on, this isn’t always a good thing…

I feel like a terrible person, but when I learned that Kit was in a wheelchair, I sort of groaned. I have had terrible experiences reading books where the main character has a disability–it seems like all they ever do is moan about their lot, which isn’t at all realistic to me–real people with disabilities don’t do that! But Kit was REAL (I mean, aside from her awesome powers). She was frustrated by her wheelchair, certainly, but sort of accepted that was how it was and didn’t expect anyone to feel sorry for her. She was an awesome character and I loved reading about her.

I thought her powers were an interesting way to see the war, too, and to help out–and the love story and secrets that unfolded were awesome, too. I wasn’t necessarily surprised by any of the twists and turns in the plot, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. As with the other two books, I recommend this one!


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